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Seubert Machining
Hydraulic Manifolds, Bent Tubing & Custom Manufacturing

Your Full Service Metal Machining Shop  

Located Near Portland Oregon

Seubert Machining
1075 NW Park Ave.
Estacada, OR 97023


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Hydraulic Manifolds, Bent Tubing & Custom Manufacturing

“Serving You With Quality Machining and Fabricating Services Since 1978”


  • Aircraft – small parts, power units
  •  Medical – ortho surgical tools, hospital bed parts
  •  HVAC – oil extractors, flash control, pressure vessels
  •  Hi-Tech – clean  room  products, sprinkler  systems
  •  Offshore oil – stainless steel SAE flanges, fittings and adapters
  • Dental – bent products for carts, chairs and auxiliary equipment
  • Hydroelectric – power units, turbine controls, design and engineering
  • Timber – sharpening equipment, repair, arbors and collars
  • Custom Equipment – bent tube assemblies, hydraulic manifolds, R&D
  • Marine – stainless steel hose assemblies,  adapters,  hydraulic power units
  • Consumer – fixtures, tooling, prototypes, production, performance enhancements & Step-Up Stirrup
Custom made industrial ball float valve
Industrial Ball Float Valve
Custom machined hydraulic manifolds
Custom Hydraulic Manifold
Custom machined metal parts
Custom Metal Machined Parts

We would love to be part of your next metal project!

Seubert Machining and Fabrication (SM&F) is a full service, engineering and manufacturing facility. SM&F produces products from small to large, and from single parts to complete assemblies. SM&F specializes in unique, and difficult to manufacture parts and products in all materials. SM&F runs quantities from prototype to unlimited production orders. SM&F in-house quality control and inspection department complies with ISO 9000 and military standards required by our customers. SM&F engineering and design department includes a registered professional engineer and designers with CAD/CAM capabilities to solve manufacturing challenges. SM&F has experienced, highly skilled employees, who are committed to our high standards for excellence into the new century.

If you have been told a part can’t be made, I bet you we can still make it!